EHS Staff

Mrs. Thompson



Hello! My name is Becky Thompson and I am the principal here at EHS.  Education has been a passion in my life for over 20 years. It is always so rewarding to be allowed to be a part of so many student's lives and watch them grow and mature into young adults. Prior to coming to EHS, I was a science instructor and a Dean of Students. When I am not working, I love spending time with my husband, kids, and grandchildren.  I also like to cook, as well as travel and try new places to eat!  I will always do my very best to build relationships with my staff, students, and the community in an effort to provide the best education opportunities that I can for our students at EHS. 

Mrs. Emling


Junior Class Sponsor and Outreach

I have always felt called to a career with student interaction. I have been a youth leader since I was 18 and knew quickly that is where I am meant to be. You'll find my son Henry all over the school or field and soon our little girl coming in August as well. You can always find us here or at the campground.  Elverado has become home to my family and knowing that we get to play a small part in our students lives is a blessing to us. I commit to making sure our students and staff are taken care of, that our students do not go unseen, and to make this a place where they feel safe.


Mrs. Sabens

School Counselor

Beta Club Sponsor


School Counseling is my passion. I love connecting with my students, learning from them, growing with them and watching them discover and grow into their greatness. Outside of School Counseling I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, reading, cooking rock climbing, fishing, and doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.As your school counselor I am committed to supporting a safe, supportive and equitable school environment. Through my role I will provide opportunities and hold space for you to share your needs, concerns, thoughts, and goals. I will work with you as you define what success means to you, and support you as you create your own personal, academic, and career development success story.

Mr. Eisenhauer

Maintenance Technician

Boys Basketball Coach & Boys Baseball Coach


I love all things sports, including playing golf in my free time. 


Mr. Snyder

School Resource Officer

My name is Deputy Max Snyder. I am 48 years old and live in Elkville and Carbondale. I am a union electrician with IBEW Local 702. I moved over to working at the Jackson County Sheriffs Office in 1999. I started as a correctional officer for 7 months and was promoted to patrol. I was promoted to the rank of Detective in 2006 and worked mainly narcotics. I left investigations in 2017 to become a patrol supervisor. During that time I helped coordinate and start the Jackson County School Resource Officer program with the help of the area schools, the sheriff, and the Jackson County Board. With that opportunity opening up I couldn’t help but end my career in that area. My wife, Christine and I have three kids with the youngest being 19 years old. Kids have always been a soft spot for me and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help a child in need.I will always support you and give you the respect you deserve. I just expect the same respect in return.

Mrs. Stritzel

Family and Consumer Science Instructor

FCCLA Sponsor and Freshman Class Sponsor

Dina School Pic.JPG

Mrs. Davison

Special Education and Social Science Instructor

Senior Class Sponsor & Drama Club Sponsor


Elverado Class of 1980

BS (1989) SIU - College of Liberal Arts

BS (1999) SIU - College of Education

My promise to my students is to be kind and fair-minded while encouraging them to strive for their best possible outcomes.

Mr. Pate

Library Aide and Instructional Aide

 I live in Du Quoin but grew up in Christopher. I attended Rend Lake College, and graduated Boyce Bible School, Louisville Ky. I received my bachelor degree from Mid-Continent University, Mayfield Ky. 


Mr. Crombar

Special Education Instructor

Senior Class Sponsor & Bass Fishing Coach


My name is Allen Crombar. I am from Murphysboro. I have been teaching at EHS since 2009. I teach science, math and resource. I help with student council and I am the Bass Fishing team coach.I promise to always guide you and keep you from falling behind. I promise to give you every tool necessary to be successful. I promise that my door is always open if you need anything.

Mr. Evilsizer

Social Sciences Instructor

Senior Class Sponsor & Chess Club Coach

Hello, my name is Neal Evilsizer. I am a 2004 graduate of SIU-Carbondale. I teach Social Studies at the high school, where I am also the chess coach and one of the Senior Class sponsors. If someone is interested in chess, but don't know how to play I would be more than happy to teach you. In the last three years our school chess team has won many individual and team trophies, and some of our players had never played before joining. I also really enjoy teaching my classes in a different way. My classroom is set up in a circle to help students learn to voice their opinions and listen to others. I also have a 15, almost 16 year old son, who attends Salem High School. I really enjoy reading a good book, learning new things, movies, anime, writing, etc. I will also be getting married this coming December. One of the things I really want to do is sky dive even though I'm afraid of heights. I promise to always be available to my students and help them in anyway possible, and if I can't help you then I will find someone who can.

Mrs. Heape

Drivers Education, Health, and Special Education Instructor

Freshman Class Sponsor


I grew up, graduated from, and currently live in Du Quoin. I have three children, Braden (22), Joshua (20), and Lauren (17). I always find things to do to keep busy and don't have a lot of down time. I have directed the Du Quoin Youth Club, an after school program for the past 14 years, but have worked there for 28 years. I have also managed the Du Quoin Pool for the past 12 summers. I have too many pets I care to mention because if they show up at my house or are left in the middle of the road, somehow they become mine. I enjoy teaching and getting to know my students each year. I began teaching at Elverado 6 years ago.My students will always know that I care about them, I listen to them, and I am always here for them.

Mr. Harrison

Math Instructor

Junior Class Sponsor

I grew up in Christopher, IL. I like to walk, bike, and hike to stay active. I love to read (mostly nonfiction--especially economics, personal finance, and psychology and philosophy), and, yes, I do math recreationally at home.I promise to give my students 100% every day. I promise to do my best to show my students how math is relevant and personal for each of them in hopes that it will motivate them to continue to engage with math in my class and later in their lives.


Mrs. Callaway

Science Instructor

Sophomore Class Sponsor

Growing up on a small farm in Southern Illinois was the beginning of my love of nature and helping living things to grow and thrive. I've worked in the medical field as a nurse over the past two decades since graduating high school, but always enjoyed being able to help people through education. I decided to return to college to obtain my teaching degree specializing in biological science and consider myself lucky to now be a part of Elverado High School as the science teacher.  I will do my best to maintain a safe, respectful classroom that provides opportunities for all students to learn.


mr. Travelstead

Business and Technology Instructor

Sophomore Class Sponsor


I enjoy trying and learning new things. Next on the list is bringing quail back.  I promise you will be able to grow and learn as a person in my classes. 

Mrs. O'Dell

Language Arts Instructor

Senior Class Sponsor, Student Council Sponsor, FCA Sponsor, & Outreach


Mr. Clausen

Agricultural Science Instructor

Junior Class Sponsor, FFA Sponsor & FCA Sponsor

I grew up in Assumption, Illinois and was a former member of the Assumption FFA chapter where I was a chapter officer and received my State FFA degree as well as competed on the meats, livestock, agronomy and soils team. I helped pay my way to SIUC through my Supervised Agriculture Experience which included twenty head of registered Suffolk Sheep and 10,000 square feet of garden space. I graduated from SIUC in 1990 with my B.S. in animal Science and a minor in agribusiness. I worked in agribusiness for five years for Farmers Hybrid Breeding Stock company, Interstate Producers Livestock Associations, and Burkmann Feed Company. I served as a youth pastor for 11 years before going back to SIUC to get certified to teach high school agriculture. I taught horticulture at East St. Louis High School for four years before moving to Florida where i taught agriculture and horticulture before moving back to Illinois to be closer to my kids, Carlie and Colton. I have a wife Terry, a Golden Doodle Bailey, and a rescue cat named Archie.  I promise to give my best to my students as their agriculture teacher and FFA advisor so they can learn to do, do to learn, earn to live, and live to serve.


Mr. Bridgman

Art & Robotics Instructor

Yearbook Advisor

I wear 4 main hats in life; a father, veteran, artist, and educator. I do my best to combine all of the hats so that I can be the best at all of them as I can. I love my children, my country, my craft, and my students. If you have any questions for me all you have to do is ask.I will always strive to make sure students became knowledgeable free thinkers. I help students understand that they are capable of more than they think they are.


Mr. Beckmann

Physical Education Instructor

Junior Class Sponsor, Football Coach, & Girls JV Basketball Coach

Southern Illinois parents and a military father which means I moved a lot and I'm proud to be teaching in my parents home area. Graduated from SIU and I love all things fun and competitive.  I promise to always give my all in anything asked of me by my students or the community they live in.


Mr. KrisFaluzy

Instructional Aide

 I lived in Dowell throughout my grade school years. My first three years of grade school, I went to Dowell Grade School. That school closed and I went to Sacred Heart School in Du Quoin from which I graduated. My family then moved to Du Quoin where I attended high school there. I played football, basketball and baseball. I then attended John A Logan College and was asked to play baseball there. From there I attended SIU- Carbondale where I majored in public relations and got a minor in journalism. My first job after graduation was in banking followed by a job at Carbondale regional post office. My last job, I served as director and then assistant director of Perry County Housing Authority. My interests are dirt-car and Indy-Car racing, hockey, baseball and walking.