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School Counseling

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School Counseling Services 

School counselors don't just provide "guidance" to help students figure out what classes to take or what they want to do with their lives after high school. Today's school counselors are vital mental health professionals in the school system and members of the education team. School counselors deliver prevention and intervention services that support the academic, career, personal, interpersonal and healthy development of all students. Prevention and intervention services include social/emotional counseling, academic advocacy, classroom/group counseling lessons, individual student planning, four-year plan development, staff/parent/guardian consultation, school program support and crisis response. 

The school counselor is present in the school to aid students in making effective choices and decisions as they prepare to become responsible and contributing members of our ever-changing society. Parents/Guardians and students may contact the office to schedule an appointment to see the school counselor. Students and Parents/Guardians are encouraged to seek out the school counselor as often as necessary. 

The school counseling core curriculum evolves every year as student needs change and is aligned with the Illinois Postsecondary and Career Expectations Framework. Multiple events are coordinated by the School Counselor throughout the year, including a financial aid night/FAFSA completion event. The school counselor maintains a Google Classroom for each grade and assists all students as they complete career prep and exploration activities, create career prep portfolios, and an Academic & Career Plan through the school counseling curriculum. Parents are encouraged to engage in the Academic & Career Plan creation process for their students.

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